Hi there,

Let me introduce myself. I am an Angry Feminist and I started this blog thanks to about three factors:

  • First, Trump’s presidential election fueled a fire that regardless of political ideologies should offend women. Although, I will truthfully admit not all women are offended by President Trump’s “Grab her by the Pussy” comment, nor are they offended that he didn’t seem to apologize. Which leads to my second factor…
  • Second, thanks to Facebook, I am now aware that some women think that the Women’s Suffrage Movement solidified equal rights. So we have women out there that truly believe they are equal to men…I don’t think these women have made it to the glass ceiling…
  • Third, when you start to notice sexism in daily activities, you’re no longer invisible to the untraceable evidence of sexist colleagues, coworkers, and friends.

Last, I think it it’s imperative to mention that like sexism, racism is also subjected to the same invisibility within our society. Too many people readily believe sexism and racism aren’t big issues within our western culture because congress signs a document one day and everything should be fine the next. It’s there, some people just don’t look for it. And, it’s still going to be there the next day.

Goals from the Angry Feminist

If you can leave my site with these two goals in mind, I will have done my part as an Angry Feminist.

  1. To expose the conspicuous and inconspicuous ways in which women are marginalized and forced to submit to traditional subservient roles in our modern society.
  2. To reveal our modern feminist heroes and the feminist heroes of our past.


Inequality. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.